Clearitt’s Inspiring Background – Reshaping Business Finance for a Thriving Future

by | Jun 9, 2023 | More About Clearitt

As the Founder of Clearitt, I wanted to take a moment to share the background story behind the business.

The journey of Clearitt began with a deep-rooted interest in finance and economics. During a challenging period in the 1990s, when the central bank of Sweden set interest rates to a staggering 500%, I witnessed firsthand the detrimental impact on businesses and the economy as a whole. These circumstances led me on a path of discovery and a burning desire to understand the underlying causes.

Driven by this passion, I pursued a Ph.D. in economics and also embarked on years of rigorous self-study, immersing myself in the original works of major economists spanning three centuries.

Through this exploration of economic theory and the evolution of the financial system, I uncovered a pivotal turning point that occurred around a century ago. It was during this time that the classical method of financing a business’s working capital, which relied on the discounting of bills of exchange and the tradability of invoices, was abruptly halted by regulatory changes worldwide. This marked the end of an era and left businesses with suboptimal alternatives for financing their working capital. This is where we still are today.

The Clearitt Solution

The realisation that the financial system could have evolved differently had it not been for those regulatory changes ignited a revolutionary idea. Clearitt aims to take the next logical step in business financing, enabling the widespread clearing of Business-to-Business (B2B) invoices.

By doing so, we elevate the financing of working capital to a first-rate level, allowing businesses to thrive and grow without unnecessary cash flow hurdles. This is my vision.

I did create the first prototype software on my own, using my mathematical programming skills from my time as a Ph.D. student. And now we have a modern scalable version of the same basic software.

So why now? The current landscape presents an ideal environment for Clearitt’s success. Technological advancements have made it possible to realise our vision, while the exponential growth of the fintech sector and the favourable regulatory landscape for fintech startups offer tremendous opportunities. Australia, with its friendly culture towards everyday businesses, provides a strong foundation for Clearitt’s launch and growth.

I am truly excited to bring Clearitt to the world. Our platform is built on the principles of inclusiveness, cooperation, and mutual benefit, allowing everyday businesses to come together and overcome their common cash flow challenges. By harnessing the power of clearing, both businesses and individuals can thrive in an ecosystem that promotes financial stability and prosperity.

Thank you again for your interest in Clearitt.

Best regards,

Richard Johnsson

Founder and CEO

Clearitt Australia Pty Ltd


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